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Ten poems from “A serenade for my Scheherazade”

Shortly after “Een serenade voor mijn Scheherazade” was published in Dutch Ferial Abdoel made an English translation of this collection of poetry
Ten poems (in alphabetic order) from “A serenade for my Scheherazade” translated from Dutch into English by Ferial Abdoel.

A melody of golden tones
only you and I could hear,

a smell of a thousand roses
only you and I could smell,

a rainbow of sweet dreams
only you and I could taste,

the day that you and I took our vows.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

Golden glow
on everything
we do together.

Alchemists should be jealous of this.
In golden glow
diamond shines
when we kiss each other.
Shiny Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss
is jealous of this.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

Like a river looking for
the sea to culminate in,
to find peace,
I was looking for you.

Like a ship seeking harbour
in order to survive storms
I was looking for you.

Pathway to the sea
longer than the Amazon,
distance to port
longer than the Pacific,

but I knew I would find you,
and now I have found you,
my port, my sea.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

With love I planted roses in your heart
so that love will always bloom in your heart.

On a happy day I planted sunflowers in your heart
so that the sun will always shine in your heart

Finally, years ago I a planted a palm tree in your hear
so that peace will always prevail in your heart.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

Lovelier than a tropical moon
shining like ivory brocade
in a starry diamond sky

More magnificent than a tropical sun
parading like an omnipotent ruby
against a sapphire blue backgroundAre the days when
you and I are

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

In that magical moment
a song of angels raised itself,

a hurricane
blew a heavenly smell of incense,

velvety light passed through gilt-edged clouds,
the two of us walked on water,
at that magical moment of
our first kiss.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

Like the Seine
in Paris,

the river of your love
flows through my heart.

A river
celebrating the sun
with a thousand reflections,

which adorns the night
like a graceful wisp of light,
that mirrors dreams,
our dreams.

A river of love
as inseparable
like the Seine and Paris.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

Let us grow old
and together
cherish our dear sweet
when like shy birds
they threaten to evaporate,
to fade.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

Behind the opal green hills of Simpson Bay
the tropical sun drops with clenched fist.

Fishermen with knuckled fingers sail in
with their crop of shiny silver.

The velvet breeze caresses
and whispers to me: “It is me … Scheherazade”.

The poet retrieves his fishing nets.
They are fifty two thrashing poems

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

Vanaf nu
weiger ik afscheid
te nemen,

weiger ik
te kiezen
voor hier of daar,

weiger ik
te kiezen
voor heden of verleden,

weiger ik
te kiezen
tussen leven en dood.

Alleen van
afscheid nemen,
neem ik afscheid.

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

you are my eyes
and I am your love’s gaze.

you are my arms
and I am your embrace.

you are my fingers
and I am your caress.

You and I are the words
of one song.

And the melody?
That’s love, our love

Walter Palm Copyright 2023

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